Green Guardians

Researcher / Designer
Material Research

Amidst a global concern for the safety of educational structures in conflict zones, a significant discovery was made. Many schools worldwide use low-cost fire protections with harmful resin-based compounds, risking toxic smoke during combustion. This led to the question: What if we could create affordable, non-toxic fire protections from organic food waste?


The widespread use of low-cost fire protections in schools, containing harmful compounds, poses risks of toxic smoke. This raises concerns for the safety of children and the environment, highlighting the need for safer, eco-friendly alternatives. This problem motivates the search for sustainable solutions prioritizing safety and environmental well-being.


In response to the identified problem, our solution involves using agricultural waste to create affordable, non-toxic fire protections. Inspired by the traditional Tabique technique using corncob for insulation, I conducted extensive flame-retardant testing. The result is a natural fireproof material made from corncob and seaweed. This material, designed for ease of molding, lightweight structure, and quick-drying, offers a safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly solution for fire protections in educational buildings and beyond.