Green Pill

Researcher / Designer

According to the International Union of Geological Sciences(IUGS), the earth was hotter and had more CO2 in Eocene, and the aquatic plant that captures atmospheric CO2 is believed to be the main contributor to cooling down the planet. Facing today's warming climate, the project proposes the revival of Azolla as a sustainable solution to once again stabilise today’s warming climate.


The rising Earth temperatures and increased CO2 levels are urgent global concerns. Conventional carbon sequestration methods often pose environmental risks. Regarding this, Green Pill addresses the need for an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to counteract climate change.

4 starch-based bioplastics, 11 x 16 cm
Tapioca & rice bioplastic showing the best performance in tensile tests
Exploring nature-inspired forms to physically and aesthetically harmonise with natural environments

Green Pill, a capsule-shaped product housing Azolla, functions as a climate medicine. Floating on freshwater, it absorbs atmospheric carbon, preventing Azolla from becoming invasive or succumbing to natural enemies. The bioplastic shell, composed of tapioca and rice starch, ensures durability, water insolubility, and soil compostability. After cultivating Azolla, the fully developed Green Pill is taken to a compost site. It degrades through biological processes, leaving no toxic residues and eventually supplying nitrogen as a biofertilizer—an essential element for crop growth.

Considering the ability of Azolla plants to remove 21,266 kg of CO2 per 1 ha per year, Green Pill will take about 452 years to cover the CO2 burden since the Industrial revolution. Although it may seem relatively inefficient as a way to solve the climate crisis in simple numbers, it is well worth it as an environmentally friendly CO2 sequestration approach with a low environmental impact compared to conventional sequestration technologies.

Inner structure of the Green Pill
Compact/shaded environment tests with three aquatic plants
Green Pill designed for a circular economy