Line Stool

Researcher / Designer
Design Project
// 2017
"Grand Prize"

The Line Stool project seeks to revolutionise stool design, envisioning a biodegradable, enclosure-free, repairable, and customisable product. Comprising three lightweight units, this project thus aims to redefine the stool as an environmentally conscious, user-friendly, and customizable piece of furniture.


Traditional stools often face issues related to non-biodegradability, dependence on enclosure accessories, and limited repair options. The Line Stool project aims to address these issues, recognising the demand for environmentally sustainable, easily maintainable, and customisable seating solutions.

Line Stool that can be assembled into 9 different shapes

Line Stool is a all-parts-biodegradable wooden stool formed with a combination of 3 units (top and two legs) without any enclosure accessories. A line-shaped circular, triangular, and square unit with a height of 380cm and a weight of 300g has grooves upside or downside. A unit with a downside coupling groove is inserted into an opposite side groove of unit to form a leg. Finally, the stool is completed by simply putting top.

The grooves facilitate straightforward repairs, allowing users, including the elderly and children, to replace specific units effortlessly. Moreover, the project emphasizes customization, enabling users to tailor the stool to their preferences. This added benefit enhances the user experience, promoting a sense of personalization and adaptability in a sustainable seating solution.

Exhibition at 2018 Bangkok Design Week, Thai
Exhibition at Hongik Art Hall, Seoul Korea