Let It Bee

Nov 2022
• Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew)
• Prototyping
• Deployment

Let It Bee is a sustainable polleniser to support bees in becoming more effective pollinators, thereby addressing pollination and the biodiversity crisis. It involves all-natural pollen capsules created from algae and dairy products and bio-flowers made from organic food waste that facilitate bees' access to healthy pollen. Once the product sets in motion, the pollen capsule moistens the bio-flowers, depositing pollen on their surface. Bees are attracted to the scent of bio-flowers, allowing their hairy bodies to collect the nutritious pollen and transfer it to natural flowers.

Bio-flowers made from the shell of nuts, 10 X 10 X 5 cm
All-natural pollen capsules made from algae and dairy products, 3 x 3 x 3cm

1. Bio-Flowers from Nut Shells:
Let It Bee creates bio-flowers from organic food waste, reducing environmental impact. Designed to attract bees and biodegrade harmlessly, these flowers aim to enhance plant diversity, benefiting over 87.5% of flowering plant species.

2. All-Natural Pollen Capsule Mechanism:
Let It Bee introduces a natural pollen capsule mechanism using algae and dairy-derived components. They moisten bio-flowers, increasing the pollen-covered area for more efficient pollination, benefiting both bees and plants.